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MotoGP, BREAKING - Marquez will race with Honda until 2020

Official confirmation of the new two-year contract with HRC has arrived this morning. Marc: "now I can just focus on the racing"

MotoGP: BREAKING - Marquez will race with Honda until 2020


This championship is yet to start but already another piece of the puzzle - the most important one in fact - slots into place. Marc Marquez has renewed his contract with Honda for another two years and will stay with the factory team until 2020.

The Spaniard was no doubt an attractive prospect for many, but he has decided to continue with HRC, the brand with which he made his MotoGP debut in 2013 and, more importantly, one with which he has won 4 titles in 5 years.

“I’m excited to continue to race for Honda’s factory team in the MotoGP class - states Marc - I'm proud to race as a member of the Honda family, and I appreciate how Honda and the team always do their best to provide me with everything I need. I would also like to thank everyone who has given me such warm support over the years. The first two official tests went well and, with my contract renewed, I can focus on racing in the new season. I will continue to enjoy racing, share my joy with everybody and do my best to reach our shared goals.

HRC President Yoshige Nomura adds "I am very pleased that Marc Márquez will continue to ride for our factory team. Márquez has consistently pushed himself to the limit and matured as a rider, and given Honda many titles. We were able to announce the contract renewal at such an early stage due to our mutual trust, and our common passion for racing. I am certain that we can provide an environment for him to concentrate on the final tests in Qatar this week and in the lead-up to the opening round, and that we can start the 2018 season strongly. HRC will continue its challenge with Márquez, a vital rider in the future of MotoGP.”


Translated by Heather Watson

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