MotoGP, Pedrosa: Honda is fast... in development too

"We are working as well in the garage as we are at home". Dani skirts the issue of his future: "If you're fast, the contract will come"


At the moment, Honda seems to have a super team that is the envy of all their rivals. If Marquez was the best in terms of pace, Pedrosa put his name on the fastest lap in Thailand. They say that you can tell how the day will go from the morning and Dani had a great morning.

In general, these were positive tests. It was a new track and before arriving, you can never know what to expect - the Spaniard explains - We explored a difficult track, especially because of the heat, where it is not easy to find the right lines. We managed to work in the best possible way and the outcome, as I said, is positive, although for the GP we’ll have different tyres.”

The first place time always boosts confidence and morale, but Dani’s experience leads him to see the broader view.

The most important thing is to have good sensations in the saddle, because that is what lets you express your talent - he points out - I normally struggle on new tracks, but in these 3 days I turned a lot of laps and I learned a lot of things that will be useful for the race. Being among the leaders is important, but this was a test and the goal is to get ready for the race and take the upgrades I had to test to the limit.

As Marquez said, the HRC mechanism seems to be working to perfection.

“I am happy because Honda is moving forward with development the right way and very quickly. We are working well both in the garage and at home - Dani confirms - The goal is to get to the first race with the potential to battle for the win. Confidence on the bike is improving, but we need more tests. The first two tests went well and we have good information.

Pedrosa also wants more time to assess the carbon swingarm.

I had never used one before. It is something new for Honda too, so we are beginning to collect data and understand the sensations that it gives - he explains - Having this new technology is positive and it will help us in the future. It has its pros and cons, but it is definitely something different and the first time you use it, it is hard to know whether you are using it the right way, so it takes experience.”

The final comment is on his future and on this point, Dani is tight-lipped.

I think day by day. If you’re fast, the contract will come”, he skirts the question.


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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