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MotoGP, Morbidelli: I finally crashed... pushing hard

"Touching the limit is useful to understand where it is and to push it. The Buriram track? I am ecstatic about the MotoGP bike, I'd be having a ball even on a kart track"

MotoGP: Morbidelli: I finally crashed... pushing hard

In order to grow, you also need to make mistakes and learn from them. This is also true for MotoGP and Morbidelli is well aware of it. The Moto2 world champion is careful not to overdo it, but on the other hand, he also knows that he needs to dive in… in every sense of the word.

Little by little, we are getting close to the limit and today we went past it… because I had my first crash when I was pushing hard” he says.

Can you explain better?
Until now, I had always gone down because of inexperience, whereas this time, when I put on the new tyre I was able to drop my time, so I began to push harder and harder until I lost the front end.”

Was it an important lesson?
Touching the limit that way helps you understand where it is and how to push it.”

Do you feel like you are growing?
I’m having fun riding. We improved the bike and I am understanding it much better. Today I had a good pace and we are beginning to work seriously, in the sense that we are beginning to understand which way to go.

You talked about a good pace, but also the 18th time…
Unfortunately, when I put on the new tyre, I am unable to improve, whereas the 'good' riders drop their times by at least a second. We need to understand why and move forward from that point of view.”

Also because, it promises to be a fierce battle...
It will be tough. Among the rookies, Nakagami is doing very well, but it will be a good battle. This year there are a lot of very fast riders and even finishing in the top 12 will be a problem. There is a wide selection. It will be interesting, but the flip-side of the coin, as they say, is that it only takes a slight improvement to find yourself higher and vice versa. I want to look at the positive side.

Did you find any teachers along the track from whom to draw inspiration?
In MotoGP, anyone you follow is good. I don’t stop to wait for anyone, because I think it would be counterproductive, but if I find someone in front of me, I am more than willing to watch them. Anyone can teach you something. Today I happened to follow Pedrosa and it is really nice to watch him ride. I was fascinated by his style.”

What do you think of the Buriram circuit?
I am ecstatic with the MotoGP bike, so I would have a ball even riding on a kart track (laughing). Anyway, this is a great track. There are two straights where you can take advantage of all the power and braking sections at more than 320 km/h: it’s a fantastic sensation every time”.

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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