MotoGP, Old chassis and new fairing for Zarco: Everything I need for the podium

"And the engine has 500 more revs than last year". On the Buriram track: "I expected worse, Yamaha has some advantages here"


Zarco likes his Frankenstein bike, with no disrespect intended. The Frenchman chose the 2016 chassis - because it is now official that absolutely nobody likes the 2017 - and he has received the new fairing identical to the one the factory riders have, as well as an upgraded engine.

Everything he needed, from what he has to say.

“With the new fairing I have good sensations. My mechanics told me that it has benefits similar to those we had with the winglets we used two years ago - he explains - But the important thing is that I like my bike and I also have more experience. I also have aerodynamics identical to those of the factory bikes and an upgraded engine. I’d say we’re sorted.”

Johann does not hide his optimism, although he keeps his cards close to his chest concerning the engine when asked if it is a 2018 unit.

All I know is that I have 500 more revs than last year and that’s enough for me - he closes the subject - At the end of last season, I was already able to battle for the podium and with these upgrades I will have even better chances.”

And he particularly thinks that he will be able to do so at Buriram.

It was a good day. I was curious to get to this track and in the end it proved to be better than I had thought it would be - his opinion - I think that the Yamaha has some advantages on this circuit and I believe that I’ll be able to contend for the win in October. That’s how I feel.”

So don’t be fooled by his 12th place, which was a specific choice.

At the end of the day, I didn’t put on new tyres to try for the time. I’ll have two more days to do that. I am happy because I had a good pace with used tyres. I truly feel good” he states.


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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