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MotoGP, Shorter races from 2018

Reduced number of laps for seven races this season, in the event of a red flag the race is over if 75% distance has been reached

MotoGP: Shorter races from 2018

The World Championship season will begin in less than a month and there is no lack of changes in view of the upcoming season. In fact, the change on the number of laps for each round on the calendar did not go unnoticed. The change foresees a transition period of one year to then become definitive from 2019.

Following the latest technical rule changes and engine rev limitations, the decision was taken to shorten the race distance for seven MotoGP Grand Prix races. The races in question are Austin, Le Mans, Barcelona, Brno and Misano, which will be shortened by one lap. One more lap will be shaved off at Jerez and a full three laps in Valencia.

The other categories will also see some changes. This is the case for the United States, Spain, Catalunya, Brno, Aragon, Malaysia and Valencia: shortened by one lap, whereas at Le Mans, there will be a two lap reduction in Moto3. Moving on to the intermediate category, on the other hand, there will be one lap less for the rounds in Texas, France, Montmeló, Germany, the Czech Republic, San Marino, Motegi and Sepang, whereas in Jerez and Valencia the race will be shortened by two laps.

There is one last change as well that has to do with the biggest engine class in the event of a red flag. In fact, the race will be declared over if the flag comes out at 75% or more of the total race distance. For the other categories, the limit remains at two-thirds.

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