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Michelin: we willl develop 'ecological' tyres for the MotoE

The French firm is already hard at work: "the bike's weight will require robust tyres, we'll create them using recyclable material"

News: Michelin: we willl develop 'ecological' tyres for the MotoE

The new MotoE World Cup was presented in Rome yesterday and, while we have to wait until 2019 for the inaugural race, this year will already be important in terms of promoting the series and developing the bikes. Energica will be working on its EgoGP, while Michelin will take care of the tyres.

The French firm will be the sole tyre supplier, as it is in MotoGP and also in the Formula E championship.

We are already starting to work on the tyres dedicated to these bikes - comments Piero Taramasso, Michelin motorsport manager - We've carried out a test with the Energica and have begun to understand the requirements”.

Because the electric bikes have different needs also in terms of their ‘shoes’.

One of the main factors is weight, we're talking about roughly 250kg for the bike, so we'll need tyres with a very robust structure - he explains - We'll need special tyres that also ensure a low resistance to rolling"  in order to waste as little energy as possible.

Michelin also wants to adhere to the 'green' spirit of the new competition.

We're talking about ecology and so we are thinking about producing the tyres for the MotoE series using recyclable materials - says Taramasso - Right now, we are still defining our strategy, and then we'll begin development”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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