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SBK, Laguna Seca: a new bridge at the starting line

The American circuit gets a new look, updating its buildings and improving track drainage ahead of the WorldSBK event

SBK: Laguna Seca: a new bridge at the starting line

It's time for Laguna Seca to update its look. Restructuring work has officially begun at the track, in preparation for the American round of the production-derived series, to take place over the weekend of 22-24 June. Various modifications are to be made, which aim particularly at improving the track's drainage, but also involve updates to the public parking area, bathrooms and camping and refreshment areas.

One very obvious new feature is a bridge at the start/finish line, which will allow for a better view of the track. Lastly, all the paddock buildings will be restructured, as will the marshals stations.

Michael Smith, CEO of the company that manages the American track, is pleased: “Thanks to government support, we've been able to plan for various infrastructures within the circuit. Most of the works involve those areas that are less visible, but nevertheless important over the course of a race weekend. Our aim is to work in preparation for coming years, so as to guarantee Laguna Seca and Monterey county a prosperous future.

Translated by Heather Watson

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