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Capirossi: Energica? When you accelerate you can't even tell it's electric

Loris reveals: “How odd to ride without hearing the noise, the only sound you hear is the slider when it scrapes the asphalt”

News: Capirossi: Energica? When you accelerate you can't even tell it's electric

The future is now! This could be the slogan to accompany the presentation of the Moto-E Championship, scheduled today in Rome. The series will start next year and expectations are high to see the Energica in action. Also at the conference was Loris Capirossi who summed up the situation, revealing a few details.

The Dorna race direction representative has already had the chance to get to know the new bike.

“I tried three of them - he recalled - one in America, another in Aragon and also in Modena for a test. Energica was chosen because it proved to be the one that was the most prepared - he revealed - whereas the other competitors were only prototypes.”

Capirossi then explained how the entire work will be organised.

“This year, we will focus on development, whereas in April and May, an even more powerful battery will arrive. I will ride on the tracks where we’ll be in action in 2019.”

Loris then went into detail on the Energica.

“When you get on and start, you don’t realise that it’s electric - he pointed out - The weight distribution is low, while the throttle connection is easy, precisely because it’s electric (smiling). The torque is always constant since there is no gearbox - he added - while the weight is over 240 kg plus, I must say that the bike is not bad at all in direction changes.”

The question arises as to why the centre of gravity in MotoGP is so low compared to this bike.

“Because that is a proper prototype - Capirossi commented - This bike, on the other hand, is different, plus we are only at the beginning with the technology in the frame.”

Then the question was asked as to how many laps each race will be.

“We’ll be around 10-12.”

Many are curious as to whether the electric bike can be used for long trips.

“With the current range it is difficult, because with the factory model you can do 200 km - analysed Capirex – I can say that it is faster than the 600, whereas I’d rather not hazard a guess on the flying lap.”

The last comment, on the other hand, concerns the most critical aspect.

“There is no noise - Loris concluded - The only sound I heard was my slider when it scraped the asphalt.”


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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