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MotoGP, The Safety Commission 'cuts' 6 GPs

From this year, the Le Mans, Barcelona, Brno, Misano, Jerez and Valencia MotoGP races will be shortened. The same goes for certain Moto2 and Moto3 races

MotoGP: The Safety Commission 'cuts' 6 GPs

Before a GP,  riders can often be heard saying “it's going to be a long race”. In reality, the total length of every GP is more or less the same, but it's also true that at shorter circuits, a race consists of more laps.

Whatever the case, the subject was raised during a Safety Commission meeting, as reported by Spanish daily Marca, highlighting how those races with more laps can cause safety problems.

It has therefore been decided that the total distance of six of this season's races will be reduced. The races of Le Mans, Barcelona, Brno and Misano will be shortened by one lap, Jerez by 2 and Valencia by 3 laps, with regard to the MotoGP category.

The other classes will also be affected by the ‘cut’: 9 Moto2 races and 7 Moto3 races will also be shortened.

Safety may have a bearing, but the decision will also suit Dorna as, with shorter races, they will have more time for collateral events, not least the MotoE series races that will start from 2019 and will run alongside the world championship at 6 of the European rounds.

Translated by Heather Watson

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