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MotoGP, In Sepang, Aprilia blows its...cap

GALLERY Romano Albesiano had promised a completely new RS-GP for the Malaysian tests: here it is!

MotoGP: In Sepang, Aprilia blows its...cap

Romano Albesiano had promised: "The 2017 RS-GP and the new 2018 version have very few pieces in common".

"There are almost no identical parts to the 2017 version - the engineer pointed out - Engine, cooling system, frame, carbon swingarm and even the aerodynamics were all revamped in view of a more radical change we are working on. We focused a bit on every aspect, considering the ideas developed in 2017.”

He did fib a bit though when he said "Don't expect a revolution but an evolution. We have not radically changed anything.”

In all reality, however, the changes to the 2018 prototype of the bike from Veneto are radical: the fuel cap has been moved from the false tank cover to a spot under the saddle. Furthermore, all the components under there, including the airscope, have changed.

The frame is also inevitably new. You can tell by the size of the spars, but also by a new conformation of the same.

The cherry on top is the different exhaust. And these are just the visible changes.

We still have just one doubt: Albesiano has also talked about a more radical change that Aprilia was working on. If it isn't this, then who knows what else they've got in the oven.

The differences have been highlighted in the Gallery.

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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