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Marinelli: the Panigale V4 will have a very special exhaust

Ernesto, having moved from Ducati to Termignoni, knows what bikers want: "we'll guarantee sound and Made in Italy craftsmanship"

Moto - News: Marinelli: the Panigale V4 will have a very special exhaust


He recently closed a chapter but the book is still very much open and to be continued.

Ernesto Marinelli begins his new adventure in Termignoni, the Italian firm that manufacturers exhausts and systems dedicated to different types of bike.

His friendship with some of the company's staff, primarily its historic founder, pushed Ernesto to change after many of years of with the red Ducati:I've had a passion for exhausts and fluid dynamics ever since my university days and this continues to interest me - begins Ernesto - My great relationship with Luigi Termignoni, but also with Michele and Marco Burgnoni, was the main reason I chose to embark on this new experience, one in which I'll be managing the technical R&D staff. I'm highly motivated and will expand my technical experience as we work to relaunch Termignoni”.

Ernesto has always considered the human factor to be key:everybody’s contribution is needed and communication plays a crucial role. I hope I will be able to motivate my team so that each member can fully express him/herself."

Knowing Marinelli and his positive attitude, success is a cert; but the commitment needed to get there will be significant:I will bring al that I've learned in the racing well, as well as a global vision of every aspect. My passion for exhaust systems will be an important ingredient, aware that there is always something new to be learned, with the right positive attitude”.

In the bike exhaust/silencer segment, competition is tough:I'm aware of that - states Ernesto- and we'll focus on extending our offering, across more categories, to increase the range. Our strength is our  Made in Italy craftsmanship, driven by our great creativity. We will also develop new materials and technologies”.

He and  Termignoni have a clear goal: “among the things to do, our long list includes the new exhaust system for the new Ducati Panigale V4, which will require a very special design. But that's not all: we'll also be supplying some parts to BMW, as well as pushing in the slip on segment and area of bike customisation”.

And some final words:those choosing Termignoni want technical competence, Italian design and a unmistakeable sound. Each client must be satisfied, with great attention to detail combine with strong personalisation”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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