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MotoGP, Super...Marquez ready for the Sepang tests

VIDEO Physical training has become an important part of the life of a rider. 'MagicMarc' at work in the gym

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Years ago – it was in the late ‘70s – the fittest rider in World Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing was, without a doubt, Virginio Ferrari, runner-up 500 world champion behind Kenny Roberts.

He had a passion for physical activity that prompted the always sharp-tongued Marco Lucchinelli to say: “Virginio, you have to ride bikes, not break them into pieces.”

They were different times. “These days, MotoGP bikes are heavy – 160 Kg – and very demanding. You need to be fit. It’s a good thing I don’t race now”, jokes Luca Cadalora, who has never jogged a step in his life – at the most he has played tennis – and before and after the race, like the great Barry Sheene, would never say no to a cigarette.

In any case, the times have changed and this photo shows Marc Marquez, not a gymnast and not a bodybuilder. Him – the MotoGP world champion- who you can admire while training in the Red Bull video.


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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