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MotoGP, The exams never end: Honda considers a test at Jerez

Before the Losail test from 10 to 12 March. Suppo: "The track is booked, but nothing's decided"

MotoGP: The exams never end: Honda considers a test at Jerez

The exams never end, and neither do the tests. That's how it seems right now at least.

As we wait for the Superbikes to head out on track at Phillip Island for the final tests before the opening round gets underway next weekend, the MotoGP asks whether to wait for 10 March before getting back to work.

From 10 to 12, the final test sessions will take place at Losail, ahead of the opening Grand Prix on 27 March but clearly there are those who believe that the first winter testing dates - in Malaysia and Australia - were not enough to remove doubts about the latest evolutions brought to the track this month.

For this reason, Honda is deciding whether to use one or two of the five days it has available in 2017 to go and test at Jerez. Marquez is still not sure about the evolution of the new engine and related electronic and needs further confirmation. From Australia the logical choice would be to have another session at Sepang, but the state of the asphalt at the Malaysian track, which doesn't dry quickly after rainfall, means this is not a practical solution.

"We haven't yet decided, but we've booked Jerez", admits Livio Suppo.

Not an easy decision, considering that to do this the bikes will need to be sent to Europe and then back to Qatar.

The fact is that everyone wants to be as prepared as possible for the season opening at Losail, and it seems they are ready to sacrifice eventual development throughout the course of the season in order to be 100% set, or as near as possible, for round one. It is not yet known whether HRC intends to involve Cal Crutchlow and LCR Honda.

Yamaha also wants to carry out another test, though, as Meregalli said, Valentino Rossi appeared tired in Australia and was unable to give it his all.

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