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MotoGP, Gibernau: Pedrosa needs to ignite his inner spark

"I don't believe in the anti Marquez theory. If you focus on these things, you risk becoming your own main rival”

MotoGP: Gibernau: Pedrosa needs to ignite his inner spark

Dani Pedrosa has a new ally at his side.This year Sete Gibernau is accompanying him on his pre-season journey. Sete is working more on motivation than on the tracks, hoping that Dani can ignite his inner spark and take off. The same spark that keeps Valentino Rossi competitive at 38. He wants chaos inside Pedrosa, precisely that which allowed Nietzsche to go beyond his limits.  

Is there a special link between you and Dani?

“I've known him since he was little, he's stayed the same size (he smiles). There's a great relationship between us, in fact when he can, we train together. He had been asking me to follow him for two years and in the end I accepted”.

Now you're his coach.

I don't want to be called coach, actually I don't know if I'll be at all the races, as I have other activities to take care of in Spain. To tell the truth I have something to learn from him, rather than the other way around”.  

What's Dani been missing in recent years?

“In recent years he's dropped a little, as a result of bad luck. When you try many times to achieve a result and you don't succeed, your enthusiasm and motivation are less. He's a guy with great talent, considering his height it's tough for him to manage the bike”.

What can you give Pedrosa?

“I think I'm a positive person, I'd like to give him some enthusiasm This is what allows you to dream big. He has the talent of course, he has everything he needs”.

Could he fight for the title this season?

“If he ignites his inner spark, I think so yes”.

Will you be in Qatar?

“I don't know yes. They've asked me but I still need to decide. My girlfriend will be angry I think (he jokes)”.  

There's a lot of talk of an anti Marquez. Who is this do you think?

“I don't really believe in the anti Marquez theory. If you focus too much on this, you risk becoming your own main rival”.

What has struck you about Pedrosa in these initial tests?

“I see him fairly happy, he just needs a little serenity and calm. He doesn't really like this track, but proved to be fast yesterday”.

Valentino Rossi has created his Academy. Did you ever consider doing something similar?

“I've never thought about it to be honest. I have a track at home where the MotoGP and F1 riders and drivers get together and we have some fun there”.

Valentino is 38 today. Is there a moment from the past that you treasure?

"Really? Everyone knows what went on in the past, but I can say that we've always had a great relationship, given that we've shared so many great moments together. I've never done any interviews in which I've talked badly about Valentino. It's great to see he's still competitive, his secret is the enthusiasm and motivation that he has inside”.       

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