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MotoGP, Marquez: Rossi thinks I'm holding back? I wouldn't have done 107 laps!

Two long runs for Marc today: "We have a problem, but we do not know what is causing it". Pedrosa slowed by the flu

MotoGP: Marquez: Rossi thinks I'm holding back? I wouldn't have done 107 laps!

Quality and quantity: this sums up the day for Marc Marquez, who did no less than 107 laps (or 476 Km if you prefer), maintaining an impressive pace. It is not the final 2nd place that is impressive as much as the pace that the world champion was able to maintain.

I feel a bit tired because I did a lot of work today. As I said yesterday, we still need to find what is missing - he explains - I tried to be consistent and not to make any mistakes. I also did two long runs of 15 laps each in the final phases because we needed some information. We will continue to work hard. There is a small problem and we need to understand what is causing it.

What are you referring to?
We don’t know (he laughs). We are searching in the engine and in the electronics, but we still have not figured out what is causing it to be able to fix it.

Your crew chief, Santi Hernandez is not here. How does that change the work?
It is difficult to do without him. When someone is always in your garage it seems normal, but when he is missing you realise how important he is. The good thing is that I have a good group. Santi is still in contact with us; I think he probably does not sleep much (he laughs).”

Yesterday, Valentino said that you set the bar, but you are saying you have some problems. Is this a pre-tactic?
I’m not playing (he laughs) If I were already ready I wouldn’t do 107 laps! We are working hard to find some small things. I am very consistent, that is true, but today Maverick was more consistent than I was.

Did you think about responding to Viñales’ time?
I do my own thing. In 2015 I learned that in the winter tests you don’t win anything. However, today Maverick was very fast and not just for one lap. I am working in view of the championship and I am pleased with my work.”

It will be your 5th year in MotoGP; how do you imagine it?
There is pressure to battle for the title, so I will have to accept that and then we’ll see. Then, we’ll have to see what bike I have – if it is fast straight away, I’ll be able to start on the attack, otherwise I will have to wait.

Were you able to test the new tyres Michelin brought?
One front tyre, but I was not able to use the rear because I didn’t have time. The priority was to do the two long runs.

And tomorrow?
The programme will be a bit different. I will do fewer laps and stay in the garage for a bit more time, but there are still things left to test.”

PEDROSA SLOWED BY THE FLU - Unfortunately, Dani Pedrosa missed almost the entire day due to the flu. The Spaniard gritted his teeth anyway and was able to do 40 laps in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, toward the end of the day I started to feel a bit strange and things got worse during the night - he explains - This morning I was unable to eat; I had a stomach ache and a bit of fever and I was quite weak. I wasn’t able to eat anything until about 2 in the afternoon and then I tried to do a few laps. I started slowly but I was able to improve lap by lap, without pushing. In any case, I am feeling better now and I hope to be in better shape tomorrow for the last day of tests.

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