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MotoGP, Lorenzo: Bautista faster with the GP16, I don't understand

"I need to understand why Bautista is quicker with an inferior bike". Dovizioso: "better, but our limits haven't vanished"

MotoGP: Lorenzo: Bautista faster with the GP16, I don't understand

Lorenzo strives to see the glass half full but his second day of testing did not go as expected. Jorge lies 15th, Vinales is 1”350 ahead of him, be the best Ducati are almost 8 tenths faster.

Evidently we still need a lot more - he admits - for example I need to understand why Bautista is able to be quicker than me through many turns, and half a second faster over a lap, with a bike that is theoretically inferior. Dovizioso is also faster than me, I need to analyse the data".

In Malaysia the Majorcan showed great progress, something that he's not yet seen in Australia.

I completed many laps in 1’30” and came close to 1’29”, so tomorrow I'll try to continue along this path, improving my pace and trying the better understand the bike- he reflects - We've made some progress in certain areas, which is positive, but haven't taken a big step forward. I've improved by half a second on yesterday's performance but the others have improved by a full second, particularly Maverick. Let's say that I'm still far from him but a little closer to the others compared to yesterday”.

The problem is through the turns.

“In many corners I don't have the confidence to enter fast and then open the gas, and so I'm losing a lot of time there”.

But there is work to do in other areas too.

It seems that for now, my Ducati, in terms of the electronics setting, is the most jumpy in terms of engine character - he observes - We need to understand how to solve this”.

DOVIZIOSO: OUR LIMITS HAVEN'T VANISHED - Things went better for Dovizioso, 5th behind Alvaro, but Andrea is always careful with his analysis and doesn't conceal his problems.

It went better than yesterday, we've carried out various set-up tests and some interesting things have come out of that - he underlines - But we still have our limits, the bike doesn't turn as we want, but the sensations were better today, as were the times”.

But Vinales and Marquez are playing a different game.

Maverick and Marc are on another planet at this track, both in terms of the flying lap and the pace, but my pace puts me in the next group - he explains - We can be optimistic because we're not far off, but we're aware that we don't yet have what we need to fight for the win in every race. I realise this each time I follow one of our rivals on track, today I did so with Valentino, we're not quick enough mid-corner”.

Tomorrow will bring more important tests.

I'll test the new tyres brought by Michelin and will complete a long run. It will be useful for me personally and also for us to have some confirmations regarding some of the aspects that only come out when you complete many consecutive laps”.

Translated by Heather Watson

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