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MotoGP, Jarvis: we have a super team with Rossi and Vinales

The managing director: "Valentino is a living legend, Maverick a breath of fresh air. Lorenzo? It wouldn't surprise me if he were to win in Qatar"

Jarvis: we have a super team with Rossi and Vinales

Lin Jarvis doesn't mince his words, at the presentation in Madrid he was very clear about what he wants: the triple crown. Which means bringing home the rider's title, the manufacturer's title and the team title. The full house.

Yamaha isn't in MotoGP to make up numbers and with Rossi and Vinales on the team expectations are understandably high.

“We started out with the factory team in 1999 and have survived so many years - he jokes, recalling the team's origins - but personally, I'm still excited about what we're doing and the passion we put in. MotoGP is at a very high level and next year there will be 6 manufacturers taking part, while I remember a time when we'd struggle to fill the grid”.

What do you expect?
With Rossi and Vinales we have a super team I think, and I really mean super. Valentino is a living legend, he's had a fantastic career and has come 2nd in the last three season, proving how fast he still is. In addition, he is a huge draw for the sport and for the fans. Then, we also have the best young talent”.

We know how fast Lorenzo is, and that Marquez is the favourite, but we can do better with our two riders. I can't wait to get back on track”.

Vinales in place of Lorenzo, is that a gamble?
"I know that we've lost a rider who has won 4 world titles and who is incredibly fast, while Maverick is at the start, he's very young, but there is no reason why he too can't stay with us for 9 years as Jorge did. It's great to see this new generation of riders arrive. Vinales is a fantastic guy, laid back. Riders are complicated by nature, but he is a breath of fresh air”.

Will he and Rossi be on the same level?
Our philosophy won't change, Yamaha has always wanted two fast riders, though at times this wasn't always always easy. We think that if both have the same chances, this will spur them both on. At times, it's not easy to manage, but it's for the best in terms of results”.

How is the atmosphere in the box?
At the moment they're getting on and I hope it continues”.

Who will they have to deal with?
There are many riders who can fight for the title. Right now, Marc is the reference, he's world champion. Then there are our guys, and Jorge, I'm sure that he'll win some races, I wouldn't be surprised if he already does so in Qatar”.

Can Ducati fight for the championship?
Casey did great things in the past, and last year they won two races, nothing is impossible

Translated by Heather Watson

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