MotoGP, Valentino Rossi honorary resident of Pinzolo...with a skid

#46 took consolation in the distinction after a fender-bender in his Audi RS 6


The Municipality of Pinzolo has given Valentino Rossi “honorary residency”.

The decision was made by the Pinzolo City Council which, on 30 December, deliberated to “grand honorary residency to those who, although not being registered in the Municipal residency register, has distinguished themselves particularly in the field of science, literature, arts, industry, labour, school or sport, with initiatives of a social, assistive and philanthropic nature or in works, undertakings, achievements or performance in favour of the inhabitants of the Municipality or in actions of high value to the benefit of the nation or all of mankind.”

It was the mayor who proposed granting honorary residency to Valentino Rossi, the Italian motorcycle racing rider, “one of the most successful in the history of motorcycling – it was explained in the deliberation – who has frequented our Municipality for years to spend time resting and on holiday and in particular, the location of Madonna di Campiglio with which he has a particular bond.”

It was Il Dolomiti reporting the news, whereas from Madonna di Campiglio, number 46’s winter retreat location, these photos popped up on social media which appear to be of his Audi RS6 after what looks like some counter steering gone wrong. These things happen…

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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