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Moto3, Dorna gets you racing with 4200 Euro

A single-manufacturer Cup launched as part of the CEV with Honda NSF 250 bikes. Eight races and a 5000€ deposit

Dorna gets you racing with 4200 Euro

Dorna continues to crank out championships one after another. The latest, in order of time, is a European single-manufacturer series that will run as part of the CEV. Honda NSF250 bikes will be used, with very few modifications allowed. To make the series even more accessible, Dorna will make 17 bikes available, from the Asia Talent Cup, at just €4200, plus payment of an additional 5000 Euro deposit, that will be reimbursed after having completed all of the eight races on the calendar.

The single manufacturer Honda NSF250 will thus serve as a starting point for future Moto3 riders, coming before the Red Bull Rookies Cup.

Translated by Heather Watson

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