SBK, Torres: "the podium with MV? A 'mission possible'"

The Spaniard, riding for team Agusta Reparto Corse, is enthusiastic about the new bike: "riding the F4 is like magic"


To say Jordi Torres was very excited to visit the MV Agusta Racing Department would be an understatement. The Spaniard, #81, knew the manufacturer's history but, having breathed in the atmosphere at the Schiranna base, he has come to realise just how prestigious and important his new bike is:MV is a legend, a brand that has made motorcycling history - comments an enthusiastic Jordi- not just in terms of the results with Agostini and Read: there is a magical air in the MV Agusta factory and I understand why the fans love riding these beautiful bikes so much”.

Torres tested the F4 at Jerez in November: “coming from the BMW, which moved around every time you opened the throttle, I expected a similar bike. But the MV is not like that, on the contrary, it's rigid. Despite its trellis frame, the bike is agile and precise. Camier and the team have done a great job, Leon is tall like me and I will do my best to exploit the work he's done”.

Camier just missed out on the podium on several occasions…

“My goal is to get to grips with the F4 as quickly as possible, considering how different it is to the bikes I've ridden up until now. In Australia we can be fast, we will need to exploit those tracks where precision and speed through the turns can help us. Our range will be fourth or fifth I think. But if someone makes a mistake... we'll be ready to gamble for the podium. If Leon almost made it last year, why can't I ? I know that the MV boys can build a really competitive bike”.

Jordi, having scored a win and three podiums in Moto2, has finished top three on five occasions in Superbike:I'll never tire of saying how happy racing in Superbike makes me. This championship perfectly suits my idea of how racing and teamwork should be. Superbike is a series that has the potential to grow, all of the protagonists hope that the audience increases, while maintaining the sporting values for which the championship has always stood out”.

You have fun in the paddock and on track…

“Of course! If the day comes when I'm no longer smiling and having fun, then I'll choose to stay at home. I couldn't do such a serious, professional job without my smile. My word is happiness: you should always be positive in every situation. I'm riding a bike, it's fun, don't you think?”

Rea and the Kawasaki did it again and the public enjoyed the show less…

Rea and Sykes are strong with the Ninja, if we watch them ride, we see just how solid the package is, they're both fast and clean, the bike doesn't move around and they rarely crash. But Rea makes the real difference, he never gives up, he always wants to win, his goal is to be first in any condition, fully exploiting his ZX10RR. Rea is motivated and tough to beat”.

What would you do to increase the show?

“The championship needs its smile - the public wants to see that. I work really hard but I enjoy myself at the same time. I want to stay in SBK, I like the races and the people who make up our paddock, I can help the championship to become better. Everyone has a job here, I would suggest that the public watches the races on TV and comes to see us at the track. There is contact between the riders and people here, every member of staff is welcoming because there is still that spirit of friendship in Superbike”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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