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Moto2, Plot twist: Suter on the track with Forward in 2018

In spite of the announcement to withdraw, Manzi and Granado will ride the Swiss bike. For 2019 probable collaboration with MV Agusta

Moto2: Plot twist: Suter on the track with Forward in 2018


The fun thing about racing is that sometimes the plot twists seem to go beyond our wildest imagination. And so, a few days ago we had announced Suter’s withdrawal from the Moto2 World Championship following an official announcement and today, on the other hand, we can say that the Swiss engineering firm is very close to supplying its bikes to team Forward for 2018.

What happened over the last few days? What Suter presented as a withdrawal was actually just a year sabbatical that will be useful to prepare for the construction of a new frame for 2019. In fact, at that time, the intermediate Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing class will abandon the historic 4-cylinder Honda to move to the 3-cylinder Triumph. Leaving racing to one side for a few months would help the engineers to concentrate on the new project.

On the other hand, the Swiss company already had an advanced frame ready for 2018 and during the tests held in Jerez a few days after the end of the season, the team Forward riders had the chance to test it, obtaining good feedback (the photo above shows Manzi on the Suter on that occasion). This resulted in the team’s decision to sever ties with Kalex in order to switch to Suter.

What seemed like just an idea transformed into reality with Eskil Suter and Giovanni Cuzari on the verge of launching collaboration even in view of 2019. So, next year not only will Manzi and Granado race with the Swiss frame, but they will also contribute to development of the new chassis architecture for the following season.

Also close to joining this partnership may be MV Agusta, which had committed to collaboration with Forward in view of 2019. The experience of the Italian company and the Swiss chassis-maker would therefore be combined to develop a new project in Moto2.

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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