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SBK, Ramos: factory and private Kawasakis will soon be closer

The Spanish #40 rider with team Go Eleven is determined and ready: "next season will be special for us"

SBK: Ramos: factory and private Kawasakis will soon be closer


Roman Ramos is tough. The Spanish rider, born in Santa Maria de Cayòn on 6 January 1991, is a brave rider, well-trained and determined to constantly improve his performance until he achieves prestigious results.

After a debut season in Moto2 in 2014, the young rider moved to Superbike, jumping on the Kawasaki ZX-10R of Italian team Go Eleven, a private but well-organised outfit.

Ramos, whose hero is 1999 500 world champion Alex Criville, made a good start, often beating some of his factory rivals and growing from race to race as far as 2017, a season in which the Spaniard is able to beat the Ten Kate Hondas, the Milwaukee Aprilias and finish in twelfth place overall: “I think I've had a great season with the Go Eleven Kawasaki, but it wasn't easy; to beat the Red Bull Hondas we worked hard and tirelessely. Our year sees us finish in twelfth place, in front of the Hondas and I'm sure we can take another step forward in 2018”.

Will your Kawasaki benefit from any regulatory help?

If Rea wins again, yes. By cutting some of Rea's revs, and being able to acquire some factory components, the gap between us and team Provec would be significantly reduced. I don't know by how much, but I think the five-seven tenth per lap difference would come down. As soon we get on track, we'll see our level of competitiveness. The next the factory Kawasakis and the private bikes will be really close”.

Your contract expires at the end of 2018, as do those of some of the factory riders…

Yes, and I'm focused on doing well, thinking only about next season. It will be a special year for me and for team Go Eleven. I'm really happy with my team, I think we will be close to top five at some tracks”.

His enthusiasm is shared by Go Eleven team manager Denis Sacchetti: “we had various options but have elected to stay with Kawasaki - comments Denis- because I think that the ZX10R has a technical base that is valid and is one we already know well. I cannot yet say if the new technical regulation will help us or not, we'll get on track and then see. As a team, we are convinced that Roman can do even better than in past season, we're there for him”.



Translated by Heather Watson

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