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MotoGP, Vinales: I'll follow my own path this time

"But Valentino and I have similar sensations on the bike. I don't want to rush my decisions and risk making a mistake again"

MotoGP: Vinales: I'll follow my own path this time

Vinales is focusing on Sepang. In ten days' time he'll be at the Malaysian track with team-mate Rossi and Zarco, and he'll have some things to iron out. It's not that the Valencia tests weren't useful “but two days is not long enough to decide” points out Maverick.

Like Valentino, he too tested the 2018 prototype engine but he doesn't want to draw any conclusions yet.

The track was different today compared to yesterday and I was slower - he explains - I tried to understand the differences between the two engine, but we can't confirm anything until the Sepang tests. With so much horsepower it's hard to understand whether the new engine is more powerful, we need to trust the telemetry and our sensations”.

Vinales wants more time before deciding on anything and isn't taking too much notice of Zarco's opinions on the 2017 frame.

I get on better with the 2016 frame, but we have different riding styles and so it's difficult to compare. As I've said, it's difficult to give a definitive opinion after just two days of testing”.

The Spaniard has definitely learned an important lesson this season - to have more faith in himself.

“You want to know whether I'll take a different path to Valentino? Right now, our sensations on the bike are similar, so it's unlikely we'll go in opposite directions. Nothing's decided yet but I'll definitely take my own path, one which suits my riding style. And I don't want to rush to get there, and then make a mistake like last year”.

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