MotoGP, Valencia GP: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The die is cast: Marquez has triumphed but Dovizioso and Ducati have also won in defeat. Zarco shows up the factory Yamahas


The die is cast, Marquez the wonder-kid has won, bringing the excitement and showmanship that we're used to. Marc is like King Midas, transforming everything he touches in gold, a metal as precious as the Spanish champion. A fighter who found a great rival in Dovizioso, with the pair playing starring roles in what was a showdown to remember.

Andrea may have lost, but he's also won in a strange paradox that Dovi was able to create. He and the red bike rewrote predictions and, above all, came out of the battle with their heads held high.

Long faces in Yamaha meanwhile, where not even the old frames were able to help. As well as the damage, there was the fact that Zarco stole the spotlight. Here's hoping that winter brings a change.

THE GOOD – If he continues at this pace, they'll have to face a dice with more than six sides. Marc mocks the laws of physics as well as his rivals, nothing is a given when he's around, aside from the fact that he'll win. We're not sucking up to Marquez, just re-watch any race and you'll see why the kid is rewriting the history of motorcycling.

THE UGLY –  Aside from the actual result, which probably wouldn't have changed, Lorenzo caused Ducati to make a bad impression. The Majorcan rebel paid no attention to messages and pit-boards, choosing the wrong moment to demonstrate his freedom of thought. All's well that ends badly, but at times a little wisdom is all you need to prevent senseless controversy.

THE BAD – Valentino and Vinales' trip back in time did not have the desired effect. The decision to use the old frame didn't wind the results clock back a year and it unfortunately remained firmly set to 2017. This apparently desperate move didn't help. It will be a very long winter in Iwata.

THE DISAPPOINTMENT – Not even a podium for Suzuki this year, a nasty surprise after last year's growth. The disappointment  is tempered by the fact they have regained concessions, able to develop and test freely next year. Better than nothing...

THE CONFIRMATION  – A little word from Marquez's mum might have calmed Johann Zarco's high spirits, but not his speed. The Frenchman is not only the best rookie but one of the best MotoGP riders.  He embarrassed the factory Yamaha team, but he can't be blamed for that.

THE MISTAKE – Sam Lowes waved farewell to MotoGP in his own way, with a crash. We're sorry to say but the Englishman hasn't left many good memories, just many broken fairings.

THE SURPRISE  –  Dovizioso and Ducati, without any irony. Nine months ago we would never have expected to see them fighting for the title a few laps from the final chequered flag, we would never have expected them to score 6 race wins, we would never have expected to applaud them even though they were beaten. They gave us a great gift and we're sure it won't be the last.

THE PASS – The one that gave Pedrosa his second win of the season. We've criticised him in the past but this time we give Dani his due. A rider who, ever since 2002, back in his 125 days, has won at least one race every season. No small feat.

THE INTERESTING FACT – his screen name is trastevere73, known in real life as Lorenzo Daretti. He's the first winner of the esport championship dedicated to MotoGP. He rode a virtual Yamaha M1 to victory, and ran away with it on a very real BMW M2.

I TOLD YOU SO –I'll race with one eye on the instrument panel and the other on the pit board” promised Lorenzo. It looks like they'll need an eye doctor in the Ducati garage next year.

Translated by Heather Watson

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