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MotoGP, Suppo: Marquez? simply unique

"I've never seen anyone like him. Congratulations to Dovizioso, he kept trying right to the end. Those who criticise Pedrosa should look at the numbers"

MotoGP: Suppo: Marquez? simply unique


How can we describe Marc Marquez? The youngest rider in history to win 6 titles, the two-wheeled tightrope walker, the smiling cannibal.... “I can only say that Marc is unique, really unique”, even Livio Suppo, Honda team principal, struggles to define him.

I've been in this world for years, but I've never seen a rider like this before - said by a man who also worked with a certain Stoner - In MotoGP he has won 4 titles in 5 seasons, there's been a leveling in this championship, with no one bike standing out over the others, and this gives even more credit to his achievement”.

If any more credit were needed. One of Marquez's characteristics is to amaze, and he did so once more at Valencia, with that incredible save at the first turn.

“When I saw he was staying upright, I wasn't worried -  comments Livio - Then I realised that it would only take a moment for everything to change and I felt more stressed. It's true that he had a significant points lead over Dovi but I was thinking about Silverstone where we lost 25 in one go”.

It all went to plan at Valencia but Suppo also wants to acknowledge the team's main rival this season.

I know Andrea well and I want to congratulate him. I'd never seen a rider take such a step up, after so many years in MotoGP, as he has done. I liked how he ran the last race too, trying right to the end. Next year I expect him to be up at the front again.

As a manager, he also comments on Lorenzo, who ignored team orders.

“At times it looked like he was slowing Dovi down, I'm amazed he didn't let him pass - he states - Perhaps he wanted to help by giving him a tow, but he if was my rider I would have preferred him to make way”.

Speaking of his riders, on a day in which Honda secured the triple crown (rider, manufacturer and team champions), Pedrosa won his second race of the season.

Not only that, he's also the rider to have scored most podiums after Marquez. Those who criticise Dani should look at those numbers” emphasises Suppo.

Translated by Heather Watson

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