OFFICIAL - Ernesto Marinell to move to Termignoni

After more than twenty years at Ducati, the engineer will be the new technical and product director for the company specialising in the production of exhausts


Qatar saw the curtain come down on the 2017 World Superbike season and, at the same time, on Ernesto Marinelli's adventure in Ducati. As of 1 January, the engineer will join Termignoni in the role of Product Director and Technical Director.

Marinelli will be responsible for guiding the R&D team that has helped the firm become a leader in the field of high-performance motorcycle exhausts, thanks to its innovative technical solutions and cutting-edge design.

Michele Burnengo is very pleased: "We have always tried to find new ways to share our passion. We have done so by focusing on research, on technology but also on tradition and careful craftsmanship. Our aim is to be the best - he adds - Ernesto Marinelli satisfies all these requirements, in that he is a very well-trained professional operating at a high level. We are aware that his decision to leave Ducati, after more than twenty honourable years, was far from easy. But we are also sure that his human qualities and experience are exactly what we were looking for in order to be able to get the best out of our staff. Marinelli will be an important reference point for our team of engineers and specialised long-time staff".


Translated by Heather Watson

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