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MotoGP, Championship maths: Marquez wins at Sepang if...

All of the combinations that would see Marc crowned champion for the sixth time by the end of Sunday's Malaysian GP

MotoGP: Championship maths: Marquez wins at Sepang if...


The Phillip Island race changed the face of a championship that had been looking as if it would go to the wire at Valencia. Now it's likely to be decided already at Sepang. Marquez has a very good chance of getting the job done this Sunday, thanks to what is now a 33-point lead over Dovizioso.

For the championship fight to continue as far as Valencia, it won't be enough for Andrea to win or simply finish ahead of Marquez on Sunday, he will also have to hope that other riders finish between him and Marc, otherwise it's game over.

Dovi's chances of bringing the title back to Italy are not so good, but it's also true that the MotoGP can throw up unexpected surprises and the forecast promises continuous rain showers over the Sepang weekend...

We can only wait and see, keeping one eye on the screen and the other on the calculator. Here's a brief overview to help you.

Marc will be crowned champion at Sepang if…

- Marquez wins or finishes 2nd with Dovizioso in any position

- Marquez finishes 3rd or 4rd and Dovizioso 2nd or lower

- Marquez finishes 5th, 6th or 7th and Dovizioso 3rd or lower

- Marquez finishes 8th, 9th or 10th and Dovizioso 4th or lower

- Marquez finishes 11th or 12th and Dovizioso 5th or lower

- Marquez finishes 13th and Dovizioso 6th or lower

- Marquez finishes 14th and Dovizioso 7th or lower

- Marquez finishes 15th and Dovizioso 8th or lower

- Marquez finishes in any position and Dovizioso is 9th or lower

Translated by Heather Watson

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