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Ollie and Troy, the tears and hopes of a racing family

THE STORY. Young Bayliss crashes while leading the Supersport 300 race, his dad runs to him in the garage and...

News: Ollie and Troy, the tears and hopes of a racing family


Father and son. United by the same passion and the same obsession: speed.

Their names? We'll tell you later. The theatre at which the seen played out was Sunday morning's Supersport 300 race. Imagine the young rider: he didn't sleep well the night before, thinking about his first race to be run within a world championship weekend. In front of the same crowd that, shortly after, will witness the Marquez-Dovizioso duel and sing the praises of Valentino Rossi.

He is a 14-year old Australian lad, already fast and racing with a Kawasaki EX 300.

He trains on track and rides motard.

His father, a former rider, follows him but from a distance. The two often speak with the hand gestures typical of frenetic moments. Hands miming turns and trajectories. The nodding of heads. He's in his late 40s, ice blue eyes and a gentle smile.

The race starts, the weather is terrible, with ice cold rain falling. The boy is fast and immediately moves ahead, before crashing on lap two. His dad sees him and runs towards him, worried. A girl stops him for a selfie. He, kind, smiles, waits, takes the photo.

He starts running again. A few hundred metres and he's stopped again, this time by a marshal. He waits obediently. Once given the OK, he moves on, to his son who is by now already in the garage. The boy takes off his helmet, goes towards his dad. Once again there are hand movements and gestures. Apprehension in the eyes of the father but no reprimand. Then the boy rests his head on his father's chest and bursts into tears. For the missed opportunity yes, but also, probably, for having disappointed his dad.

Don't worry Ollie Bayliss, even if Troy, one so used to making others suffer, has suffered for you today, sunnier skies are up ahead.

And victories too.

Translated by Heather Watson

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