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MotoGP, Iannone: "I went beyond the limit, but it wasn't enough"

Andrea gets something off his chest: "I am amazed when people doubt my qualities and if I make a mistake it's like I'm a mass murderer"

MotoGP: Iannone: "I went beyond the limit, but it wasn't enough"


In the scuffle for the podium, until two laps from the end, Andrea Ianonne was also in the mix with his Suzuki. In Australia The Maniac confirmed the values shown last week in Japan, filing away a sixth place finish. In any case, it is a result that leaves the Italian rider a bit disappointed.

It was a rather fun race – number 29 began wryly – without me it would have been different (he jokes). I’m disappointed not to be on the podium after all the hard work, but I think that I gave it my all. I went behind the limit, but it wasn’t enough – he analysed – In fact, I struggled coming out of every corner, but I must say that we have moved in the right direction, especially in preparation for 2018, wince the results are starting to come.”

At Phillip Island, Iannone had given everyone a run for their money in 2015 too, when he finished ahead of Rossi.

There are still two great races left, although the race today, with this bike and all the difficulties encountered, is extremely satisfying. Today some people remembered how strong I am – he revealed – but I have always been aware of my talents and sometimes I’m amazed when people doubt my qualities.”

The Grand Prix of Australia was characterised by passes and the numerous close-quarters fights.

“The rules were followed in the race – The Maniac emphasised – I am aggressive on the track, but clean at the same time. I don’t understand why, when a rider like me makes a mistake, it is always blown out of proportion. For example, I think of what happened in Japan between Crutchlow and Lorenzo, when I make a mistake it’s like I’m a criminal who has committed a dozen homicides.”

Is it the Iannone effect?

“It’s a boomerang – he explained – I hear people talk about Zarco, but I have never criticised anyone. It’s disappointing and I am amazed when others criticise me, given the fact that all sorts of things happen on the track.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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