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MotoGP, Lorenzo: I'm thinking of going back to the wing-less fairing

Jorge in difficulty at Phillip Island: "I don't have rear grip or front stability. We have many ideas but not a lot of time to test them"

MotoGP: Lorenzo: I'm thinking of going back to the wing-less fairing


While Dovizioso has been able to stick with Marquez towards the top of the timesheets, the other Ducatis are struggling at Phillip Island. Lorenzo got into the top ten in FP1 but was unable to do so in the second session.

To be honest, the morning didn't go well either  - admits Jorge - It's not easy for me to be fast at this track, I'm lacking grip at the rear and stability at the front. It's difficult to find a compromise, we've understood a few things but what we've tested hasn't helped me to go faster”.

At this point, a more radical change is needed and Lorenzo is thinking about not using the new fairing that he has preferred using since the Austrian GP.

One of our ideas is to go back to the standing fairing, but that's just one of many ideas and we don't have much time to try them all. So we need to choose well -he explains - I thought the new aerodynamics would give me better contact at the front but perhaps they amplify the negative effect of the wind. I'm using a different set-up to Dovizioso, he has more weight at the back, I have more at the front”.

One thing is certain - he needs to roll up his sleeves.

We have a lot of work to do, and if it rains I'll have Q1 to get through too” he points out.

His final words regard Marquez.

Marquez is confident with his bike and so he can be fast in all conditions. Remember Motegi? In the first laps, in the rain, he was giving us all 2 seconds. You can only do that if you trust in the bike” concludes Jorge.

Translated by Heather Watson

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