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MotoGP, Marquez: I fought with the bike for the whole race

"I did not expect to struggle and I had to risk, a 16 point advantage is important. Valentino? His talent made the difference"

MotoGP: Marquez: I fought with the bike for the whole race

Four wins in six races, a second place finish and a zero only because of a technical problem: the result is a 16 point advantage over Dovizioso who, in a championship that has been fought in the details up to now, is a hefty bounty. There were high expectations for Marquez in Aragón and once again he did not miss a shot.

Yes, but I had to take a lot of risks because I did not to struggle so much on this track - he explains - The truth is that I had to fight with the bike for the entire race, after the first laps I was almost tempted to make a pit stop to figure out what was happening. I did not think I would struggle so much.

He made a few mistakes, like when he went long trying to overtake Valentino, but his superiority from the outside seemed crushing.

Trust me, I don’t know if it was the hard front tyre’s fault, but on the right-handers I could not push. I kept risking crashing - he continues - When I caught Lorenzo, I just thought that I needed to push. I knew that the championship was on the line, but I was in my home race.”

Marquez is not the sort to pull back when there are risks to be taken, and that’s how it was today.

I set out to win, not just to finish on the podium, and that was my goal - he says - Now I have a 16 point advantage in the championship and that is not much but it’s important. Besides that, there are still four races left in the season and anything can happen.”

However, it is difficult not to hang the label of favourite on him.

From the Barcelona race on I was able to be competitive. In fact, I finished on the podium every time except for Silverstone - where the engine blew - All I need to do is continue on this path: on one hand, you can’t make mistakes, but on the other hand, you also need to know when to risk, like I did today. I knew that this would be a track where Dovizioso would have to struggle.

His final comment is on Valentino’s race.

It was already incredible that he was on the track and able to race, but he even finished just a half a second behind Viñales. His injury has still not healed, but his talent made the difference” he acknowledged.

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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