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SBK, Sykes hurts himself and 'hands' the title to Rea

A terrible crash, he'll miss the weekend's races: "I was unlucky, two good results and Rea will secure the title"

SBK: Sykes hurts himself and 'hands' the title to Rea


When his Kawasaki took a nosedive, #66 was unable to do anything to stay on his bike: while Tom was rolling on the ground, he and his Ninja, engulfed in flames, waved goodbye to their final hopes of keeping the championship fight alive.

After a few moments, the Englishman got up and knew immediately that something was broken: “it was a really strange crash - comments  Tom- because when I accelerated out of the turn, the bike wheelied, with the front wheel quite a way off the ground. As it came back down, the difference in speed between the back and front tyres caused the bike to swerve and there was nothing I could do. I tried to stay to the left, to not veer off track, but it was no good”.

Tom was taken to the circuit medical centre and came out heavily bandaged, having fractured and dislocated his left little finger. For this reason, Sykes has been declared unfit and will need surgery in Barcelona, which will help speed up his recovery: “when the medical centre told me I couldn't race, I was disappointed - he continues- not so much for the two races, but for the championship standings. I wanted to try and race, but it wasn't possible. I'll go to Barcelona for surgery now, in the hope of being ready for Magny-Cours”.

Has this put an end to the championship fight?

“Definitely, before this I still had a chance to close the gap to Rea, but now I'll take a zero; if Johnny can score a couple of good results, it will be over. I'm really sorry about what's happened, I've watched the crash back on TV and I was very lucky not to be more seriously hurt but unlucky in terms of the championship result”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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