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MotoGP, Viñales: For the title I need to be fast in the water too

The Spaniard is fourth behind Dovizioso: "I was lacking traction, on the left-handers it felt like I was riding on ice"

MotoGP: Viñales: For the title I need to be fast in the water too

The wet may not be the favourite hunting grounds for Maverick Viñales and today we had the umpteenth confirmation of that. A race entirely on the defensive for the Misano pole man who had to settle for a fourth place finish behind Andrea Dovizioso.

There is, however, an encouraging sign on number 25’s Sunday, since those difficulties that had been seen, for example, on Saturday on the Sachsenring or at Silverstone, did not come up. He himself is the one who sees the glass half full.

I think that there was a good improvement, especially after the difficulties I had encountered in Germany or in Holland in the rain – he recalled – On those occasions, I had almost lost several seconds in qualifying. Today, on the other hand, I received some good feedback in terms of the frame and the electronics. In fact, I am quite satisfied with this result, since it was difficult to finish fourth and I could not do any more than that. Marc and Petrucci were outstanding.”

There is, however, an aspect that leaves the Spaniard perplexed.

I am happy with the way the bike performed on the front end – he revealed – but unfortunately, I struggled with traction, especially on the left-handers. In fact, I risked falling several times, but in the end I only lost three points in the Championship.”

Maverick then goes into the specifics of the difficulties with the bike.

Our main problem stems from traction – he pointed out – In order to take a step forward, we will need to focus on electronics and the frame. On certain left-handers today it seemed like I was riding on ice. In fact, I had no grip.”

There are five races left until the end of the season, so the Yamaha rider is looking to the future.

We know a lot of tracks well since we have done winter tests there – he reminded – Consequently, we will be more prepared on Friday. I must say that Malaysia is a nice track for the Yamaha – he warned – as is Australia. We need to take a step forward in the wet to battle for the top positions and the title.”

Maverick is therefore keeping his chances of battling for the title alive.

Three riders contending for the title is a high number – he analysed – Avoiding even the smallest mistake will be fundamental. We will need to try to be ready for any situation – he continued – Today we saw a very competitive Lorenzo at the beginning, but he made a mistake, whereas Dani went far and he is out of the running for the Championship.”

His last comment has to do with Valentino’s return.

If Valentino comes back it will be good for everyone, especially for me since I would be able to compare my data with his – he concluded – He knows the bike well and together we can improve.”

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