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MotoGP, Marquez: Five points can be essential

Marc smiles: "Going for it is my style, if I had crashed they would have said that I never change. Crashing in the warm up was useful to keep from doing it in the race"

MotoGP: Marquez: Five points can be essential

And once again, call him Marquez the strategist. Indeed, because not even wet asphalt with consequent lack of grip hindered the plans of the Spaniard who smoked Petrucci on the final lap, even doing the fastest lap of the race. “It was very hard to stay focused because at the beginning I was not particularly confident. Fortunately the situation then improved, so in the finale I was able to have a go. The crash in warm up was useful to me. It kept me from ending up in the gravel during the race.”

During the race, the idea had begun to circulate that perhaps Marc could have settled, but that is not at all how it went.

“I could have tried to attack Danilo three laps from the end, but I preferred risking only for one lap, so I did it on the last one. I overtook him and gave it my all. The situation was different than in Austria – Marc analyses – since this time I didn’t feel like I had that something extra to have a go. Initially, I thought about the championship, but then I changed my mind and went for it because that is my style. I thought that five more points can be essential in Valencia. If it had gone badly, I am well aware that everyone would have immediately said that I never change and that I never learn.”

During the race, number 93 left many doubtful when, in the early laps, he signalled with his leg at pit lane, where they began to prepare the second bike with the dry setup.

“We knew that the setup change from wet to dry takes time, so before the race, the team and I had decided that if I though the flag-to-flag was possible, I would signal the garage ahead of time so they’d have the time to prepare the second bike."

When talking about the standings, Marc’s eyes convey the right motivation, as do his words.

“It was important to get back out front before the last race. Being tied for points with Dovi lets me manage the situation better. And then, we mustn’t forget about Viñales who struggled in the wet after being very fast in the dry. The upcoming races? I don’t know where we will be able to win and where Dovi will be able to. All I know is that by now the Ducati has gotten fast everywhere.”

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