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MotoGP, Lorenzo bitter: I lost concentration for an instant

The Spaniard recounts: "i tried to use the rear brake less and I ended up on the ground. I'll save everything except the crash from this weekend"

MotoGP: Lorenzo bitter: I lost concentration for an instant

Jorge Lorenzo’s dream lasted for six laps. Six laps in which the Majorcan did what has always come best to him, namely pulling away at the front and setting an unmatchable pace. On the seventh lap, however, that dream was shattered, just like the fairing on his number 99 Ducati. “I did not expect to crash - a disconsolate Jorge begins - It was my only error of concentration. I did the direction change before turn six slightly faster, using the rear brake less, and before I knew it I was on the ground.”

Jorge truly cannot get over why his race ended early, and he continues to talk about his sensations.

“The strange thing is that I wasn’t pushing, but I was easily managing the race without opening the throttle abruptly. However, in the wet you cannot afford to make even a single mistake. Fortunately, I am not in the running for the title, otherwise this crash would have been a bigger problem. We have this year to make mistakes and not to repeat them next season.”

There are many positive things about the weekend, but it is obviously difficult for the multiple-world champion to smile.

“From the weekend, I will save everything except for the crash. I had gained an advantage that maybe I could have maintained, who knows. The bike was working well, as has happened basically every time we have raced in wet conditions, but I lost concentration. It is strange, since this has always been my strong point over the years.”

Even though he is not entirely involved, Jorge concludes his analysis by expressing his opinion on the championship.

After today, obviously the chances for Dovi and Marc seem greater, whereas Viñales seems to have less of a chance. For Rossi and Pedrosa it is very difficult now. In any case, the championship is really unpredictable. We have seen that all it takes is a crash, a breakdown or a flag-to-flag to change the cards on the table.”

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