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MotoGP, Dovizioso: More important to take points than risks

Andrea is now tied with Marquez: "No prediction, just need to take advantage of every situation. The time for battle will come"

MotoGP: Dovizioso: More important to take points than risks

There is a time to use your right wrist and a time to trust your brain. In Misano, Dovizioso preferred the latter option and he does not feel guilty about it in the least. Indeed, because in his entire career, Andrea had never finished on the podium in his home race until today.

I realised immediately that this would be a difficult race - he explains - There are days when it is more important to take points than risks.”

Marquez did though…
I didn’t have the cards to play, unlike him. It is not by chance that he did a 1’47” on the last lap. There are days when you have the chance to try to win and you have to do it, others when you can’t. I’m sure that I made the right choice, preferring 16 points to none. Taking a risk today would have meant ending up on the ground for me.”

Are you disappointed?
I would say angry, but in a positive way because we had the potential to be faster, but we didn’t get things perfectly sorted in time. I was at the limit for the entire race and then 7 laps from the end I decided to settle.

So that explains your anger…
But I am happy with this podium and also with this weekend. A bit of disappointment in the heat of the moment is normal.

So you will go to Aragon with the knife between your teeth?
I know that it is a track where Marc is strong, but if we want to battle with him for the Championship, the approach must be that of trying to win.”

There is a lot of talk about how Petrucci and Lorenzo could help in the coming races…
I consider myself one of the most sporting riders and I would be the last to ask them for something like that.

Now you are tied with Marquez and Viñales is at -16. Is it a definitive three-way battle?
You can never be certain of anything in this championship, but that is the situation. For Valentino and Pedrosa everything is more difficult now.

Is it at least possible to make some predictions for the upcoming circuits?
Absolutely not. The situation between Marquez, Viñales and me is every balanced and you can’t develop strategies. We just need to take advantage of and adapt to every situation. Honda and Marc have shown that they are fast, but we are just as fast. The time will come for battle, as well as the time for strategy. I can’t wait to get started.

You don’t feel tired after this race?
I feel the mental fatigue… for having managed the many fans. It was fantastic, but I’m not used to it! (he laughs).”

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