MotoGP, Petrucci: Doviziosoìs secret? he's gentle on the gas

Danilo speaks freely: "I often look at his data, I hope I've helped him. The factory Ducati team? we'll talk again next year"

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Misano is only a few days away, a race ahead of which many riders have high hopes, Petrucci included. The Pramac team rider wanted to carry out an experiment with us and other colleagues - a collective interview via Whatsapp.

Danilo saw the questions coming in on his smartphone and responded with an audio message to each one. A sort of… training to help deal with the press at the Italian GP. All jokes aside, Petrux spoke about the past, present and, of course, the future.

His championship battle with Lorenzo, motivation at seeing Dovizioso so strong, the arrival of Miller and his hopes of entering the factory team. Here are some of Petrucci's thoughts.

THE BATTLE WITH LORENZO -I'm not surprised that Dovizioso and Lorenzo are ahead of me in the standings, I've had 5 zeros, 4 of which were not directly my fault. I think I can still finish ahead of Jorge, it's not one of my main aims this season but it would be great”.

DOVIZIOSO'S SECRET -I'm a little surprised, not by Dovi's speed but by his consistency. The bike has definitely improved, but he's stronger than before. He's not that much faster than me, but he's able to get the best out of the bike throughout the whole race, while I can't do so during the second part because I'm consuming the rear tyre too much. I see his data, there are no real secrets but he's very gentle on the accelerator”.

THE FACTORY TEAM -There wouldn't have been space for me on the factory team next season anyway. I'm in the same position as I will be next year, we'll talk again after the first races”.

THE PROBLEMS IN THE LAST RACES -In the last two races there have been more problems. In Austria I only had one fairing, I had to work all weekend with just one bike, I had the worst top speed and then, if that wasn't enough, the bike broke after 3 laps and I started on the second row. The Silverstone race was conditioned by events, in FP3 it rained and I couldn't qualify directly for Q2. In qualifying I crashed, in the race I moved up to 10th place and then you all saw how it ended (he was knocked down by Iannone)”.

THE NO GIVEN TO APRILIA -Aprilia's offer was a good one and I thank them, but it didn't seem right to spend the second half of the season with Ducati knowing we were already 'separated'. I have another year to see if I'll be ready to enter the Ducati factory team in 2019, they've always treated me well and I preferred to stay with them”.

TWO FAIRINGS FOR MISANO -They are definitely moving forward with development but I don't know exactly what it entails. I'll have two new fairings at Misano, it might work but it's not our priority”.

DOVIZIOSO: A MOTIVATION - Sometimes I use things that then get passed to Dovizioso, but the most important thing is that our riding style is similar and so we need the same things. It is important to push each other, I often compare my data to Andrea's and think he does the same. I don't know if its useful to him, but I hope so”.

MILLER'S ARRIVAL - “Jack is a fast rider, a very young guy. He's ridden a Honda for 3 years and I don't know if the Ducati will be better or worse for him, it will definitely be different”.


Translated by Heather Watson

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