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MotoGP, Aleix Espargaró will decide whether or not to race tomorrow

"Never had an injury that limited me so much, I have a lot of pain in my side in direction changes after a couple laps"

MotoGP: Aleix Espargaró will decide whether or not to race tomorrow


It is not an easy week for Aleix Espargaró, who must deal with a very painful injury. In fact, the Spanish rider is suffering from a pinched intercostal ligament after training on karts.

It is not an injury that can be worsened by riding, but that does not mean that the rider doesn’t feel a lot of pain and struggle to breathe. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the injury, there is no treatment that can improve the situation except for rest.

This is why the Aprilia rider sat out for FP3 in the morning, with the track in less than ideal conditions and having already landed a spot in Q2. In qualifying, he still managed to stand out, earning a spot on the third row with the 9th best time.

The hope is that his condition will improve during the night, so tomorrow morning the doctors and the team will assess the situation and decide whether or not he will participate in the race. Silverstone puts the riders to a hard physical test and when you are not at full fitness, the situation is obviously critical.

"Today was very difficult. I have had other injuries in my career, but none that have limited me this much - Espargaró says - I have a lot of pain in my side, especially in the direction changes after a couple of laps. We are doing as much as possible with the Clinic, but since it is an internal problem, we cannot use infiltrations. By rationing my strength today I was able in any case to lap well, earning a good spot on the starting grid, and in general I am satisfied with the speed we have shown here at Silverstone. All I can do now is rest and tomorrow morning we will assess the situation.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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