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SBK, Sykes unhappy: Rea kept cutting the track

The Englishman refers to turn one and spoke about this with race director Gianfranco Carloia. About the race he says: "I was lacking speed out of certain corners"

SBK: Sykes unhappy: Rea kept cutting the track

It had looked like it might be a winning Saturday for Tom Sykes, after what he's demonstrated in practice and qualifying but the race saw things go in a different direction. “I got a strong start and the lap times were good but our main rival had something extra compared to all the practice, so we just missed out."

The Englishman went with the soft rear tyre, which didn't seem to help the situation: “The tyre worked quite well but I was not able to get of the corners as strongly as I wanted to. We will have to look at this for tomorrow but overall I am just disappointed not to convert the pole position into a win today."

Number 66's analysis doesn't end there though, and makes a point in reference to team-mate Johnny Rea. “I was losing a few tenths through the first corner - comments Sykes - as Johnny kept cutting the green, which is not allowed". In effect that is forbidden, and during practice the lap times of riders who did so were cancelled.

Sykes took things one step further, raising the query with Superbike race director Gianfranco Carloia. We will wait to see if there are any developments, which could lead to important decisions in terms of the standings; in cases like these, a time penalty is generally applied, which could affect the final race 1 result.

Translated by Heather Watson

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