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MotoGP, Safety, Aleix Espargaró and Josh Brookes quarrel on twitter

The Spaniard would not race in case of rain and the Australian replies: "Don't want to ride? Stand aside". Aleix irritated: "Easy to talk when you're on the sofa"

MotoGP: Safety, Aleix Espargaró and Josh Brookes quarrel on twitter

Parallel to the assessments and discussions on the times done over these two days, the question of safety has also been widely talked about at the Red Bull Ring, with a topic connected strictly to the Austrian track. Everything stemmed from, or rather came out of the Moto2 FP1 session, when the driving rain turned the asphalt of the ring into a slippery surface, resulting in quite a few crashes right at the end of the finish straight (but not only there).

Initially it was thought that there was oil on the track, but soon the truth came out: at the Spielberg, there are a lot of car races during the race and in the most demanding braking sections (first and foremost, turn 1), the rubber residue left behind by the cars, along with the rain, make the Austrian track slippery and consequently very dangerous. For some MotoGP riders, the idea of deserting the race in the event of rain is a clear consequence and one of them is Aleix Espargaró.

However, not everyone agrees with the Spaniard’s opinion, particularly Josh Brookes, currently riding in the BSB championship and present in a wild card spot for the first round of the Superbike season in Australia. In fact, the Australian responded to a tweet on Espargaró’s idea not to race in the event of rain with an evening gown emoji, adding: “Don’t want to ride? Stand aside and let those who would sacrifice anything to be there (editor’s note: in MotoGP) have a go.” Aleix wasted no time responding: “I’m saying that Brookes is too slow to race on a normal circuit”, along with another tweet: “In wet I’m faster than you in the dry! So shut up! Easy to talk when you are on the sofa, MotoGP is dangerous, but you will never ride it!”

It would seem that the argument still wasn’t over for Aleix who, as a response to those who tried to make light of the issue, mentioned what happened last year to the late Luis Salom: “Yeah, looks funny, but a good friend of mine died last year in the Barcelona GP because the wall was too close, so for me it isn’t a joke!” In short, the controversy over safety at the Red Bull Ring is as heated as ever.


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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