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MotoGP, More problems in the garage for Iannone: used front tyre

At the end of FP2 the track engineer decided not to change it: "Mistakes happen. The important thing is to react. My best Friday with Suzuki"

MotoGP: More problems in the garage for Iannone: used front tyre

It seems like the problems in the garage for Iannone have no end. Just one week ago in Brno, everything and anything happened: a used tyre in qualifying, even one wet and one dry tyre in the flag-to-flag. The problems have not been solved, because once again today at the Red Bull Ring, something went wrong.

In the last outing for FP2, I had a new soft tyre on the rear and a used one on the front - he explains - But I was not able to ride like that, because the rear pushed on the front and tended to close. It is strange that certain things happen. We should have enough experience.

How was that able to happen?
I had asked for a new tyre on the front too, but my track engineer said that there wasn’t enough time to change it. For me it would have been better to have the chance to do even just one fast lap.

Mistakes happen…
I think that a rider must be able to manage the various situations. Sometimes the rider makes a mistake and other times it’s some member of the team. We all make mistakes. The important thing is being willing to react.”

This mishap aside, how would you rate the day?
Even if you can’t tell, this was the best start to a Grand Prix since I have been with Suzuki. I rate it as very positive. I had good sensations on the bike.

Why do the times not show it?
In FP1 I did not use the soft tyre, but it was an intentional choice because we had some important tests to do. In the afternoon, what happened happened, but I maintained a good pace.

We saw you turning laps with both the ‘winged’ and the standard fairing…
I was afraid that we would lose a lot in terms of top speed with the winglets, but the difference is just barely one kilometre per hour. In the direction changes there are also a few disadvantages, but there are improvements in acceleration. Tomorrow morning we’ll do more tests and decide which to use. The primary goal will be to qualify and go straight through to Q2.

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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