SBK, Fogarty like Biaggi: I won't race any more

"The King" has suffered a bad crash during a dirt track race and, from his hospital bed, promises to retire


The photo says it all but the protagonist makes it all the more significant: four-time Superbike world champion Carl Fogarty was taking part in yesterday's “Dirt Quake” event in the UK when he crashed with his Triumph and sustained serious injury.

Carl, who turned 52 a few days ago, talked about the accident on his social media pages, summing up his injuries and adding in a few emojis for good measure : “Well Sunday was going mega... won 5 out of 6 race heats...Errr then had a little crash... two broken ribs, a punctured lung and a broken shoulder blade..."

Fogarty, who hasn't suffered such injury since his most famous incident in Phillip Island in 2000, the year he retired, has thanked the fans for their messages of support, all except one… “thanks to all the people sending best wishes messages.. except my wife who hates me right now” then the big finish: “I promise I'll never do another race again."

This is Carl's worst injury to date, a rider who has competed in and won the Tourist Trophy, dominated in SBK, survived "I'm a Celebrity..." in the UK and, like Max Biaggi, must now lick his wounds after concluding his racing career. Just like Max, Carl promises not to race again but considering how a leopard can't change its spots, is this really a promise that he can keep?


Translated by Heather Watson

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