MotoGP, The president of the Barcelona circuit: the GP will run in 2018

Riders had laid down some conditions: complete track resurfacing and modification of turn 12 to make it safer


The necessary modifications will be carried out and there is no risk of losing the MotoGP Grand Prix in 2018”,  with these words Vincenç Aguilera, president of the consortium that manages the Barcelona-Catalunya circuit has confirmed that the Montmelò race will take place next year.

There was doubt because the riders, supported by Dorna, had requested the total resurfacing of the track and a modification to turn 12, where Salom lost his life, in order to increase the run off and continue to lose the old layout, without the chicane.

Last week, Carmelo Ezpeleta himself declared that the work was necessary in order for the GP to go ahead and that otherwise it would be cancelled.

Let's not forget that the track owner attacked Valentino Rossi after he shot down the chicane built over the winter, preferring the previous one: “He got us to spend 200,000 euro for nothing” he said. The Doctor replied: "it's not just me saying that chicane is dangerous but all the riders, I'd start over”.

Now we wait to see if promises will be kept and the work completed.


Translated by Heather Watson

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