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SBK, A Biaggi... kissed by good fortune on his birthday

The Corsair's partner, Bianca Atzei, dedicates the first photo out of intensive care to him on Instagram

SBK: A Biaggi... kissed by good fortune on his birthday

Seventeen days in intensive care are no joke, but that is how long Max Biaggi spent in the San Camillo Hospital of Rome, where he arrived two weeks ago in a helicopter after his accident while training on a Supermotard at the Latina 'Il Sagittario' track.

The results were serious: 11 broken ribs, a broken collarbone, a fractured vertebra, but most seriously, a pneumothorax that even required surgery in total anaesthesia last week.

For today, when he was finally transferred to another hospital ward - coincidentally on his 46th birthday - Max is happy and, if it is possible, his partner, singer Bianca Atzei, is even happier, dedicating a sweet photo to him on Instagram.

Happy birthday, Max, and don’t put us through any more suffering!

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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