MotoGP, At Assen Crutchlow's Honda sprouts wings

In FP1 HRC sent Cal out for a brief test of a new fairing with built-in spoilers in Yamaha style


Honda was one of the few manufacturers not to experiment extensively with the aerodynamics after the winglets were banned. In truth, Marquez had tested a strange top fairing in Qatar with two appendages that looked like ears, but the experiment was not repeated.

At Assen, in the final free practice session, Cal Crutchlow's Honda sprouted wings. The solution is similar to the one used by Yamaha, with a spoiler covered by a sort of additional fairing.

The peculiarity is that Cal seemed to be using a standard fairing with the addition of this new aerodynamic component. There is nothing makeshift about this solution, however. In fact, it appeared on the bike painted perfectly to match the team LCR colours.

For now it was just a brief test, but Marquez and Pedrosa will probably also want to try it. All we can do now is wait.


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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