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SBK, Camier: really difficult to ride this MV

The English MV rider is fifth but not satisfied: "Very easy to make a mistake with this bike. Ok for the flying lap, but we need to improve our race pace"

SBK: Camier: really difficult to ride this MV

The top four positions remain unreachable, but Leon Camier nevertheless had a very positive day. The Englishman was able to place fifth in the combined standings with his MV, putting manufacturers and riders with a bigger budget, and therefore better bikes, behind him.

Leon knows all this but remains realistic about the weekend.

“We've really started well today and have finished fifth – starts Leon – but I think this is the best possible result, as the podium remains out of reach. My aim is to improve the current level of the bike, with small changes, not to be faster but to be more consistent in terms of pace". 

Camier has more to deal with than you might think, judging from his words that is...

"The bike is difficult to ride while it's easy to make a mistake and lose important tenths. If we can improve in this respect, we can put those fast lap times together and achieve great results. We're very fast on the flying lap as we've shown today, and this is a good thing in terms of Superpole of course, but without improving on our race pace the race could be a trap for us."

A positive start but various things for #2 to work on, as he also reflects on the unknown that is the tyres: “I haven't yet decided which tyres to use for the race, seeing as I've tested the hardest compound and had various difficulties, especially at the front. I want to try it again tomorrow, if it works it means we've solved the problem, otherwise we need to look at a different strategy."

Translated by Heather Watson

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