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Biaggi remains stable, still sedated

Blood drained from his lung and an epidural carried out, the prognosis remains reserved

News: Biaggi remains stable, still sedated

Max Biaggi, in intensive care for two days after an accident on Friday in Latina, remains stable. The latest medical report to be issued by the San Camillo hospital confirms this.

“His vital signs - it explains - are satisfactory, multi-parametric monitoring is ongoing, as are the non-invasive procedures to assist breathing. Last night Biaggi rested well”.

From what we have learned from relatives, 350cc of blood have been drained due to a collapsed lung and Biaggi has been given an epidural to lessen the pain that has seen the rider kept in quite a heavily sedated state.

The prognosis remains reserved.

Translated by Heather Watson

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