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Jackie: Nicky I miss you but we will meet again

Hayden's fiancée wrote a touching letter for Nicky: "You took my heart when you left"

News: Jackie: Nicky I miss you but we will meet again

Jackie Marin, Hayden's fiancée, dedicated a letter to Nicky. Just a few lines on social media which nevertheless describe their relationship to perfection.

Nicky had asked her for her hand in marriage in Venice last year and they would have been married soon, but unfortunately destiny had other plans.

We will leave you with Jackie's words.

I dream about your smile. Not just when I sleep, but every waking moment. The morning of May 17th was one of the most special mornings for me that I can look back on. The man up above must have been watching closely to see how you spend your last hours with me because you really went the extra mile to show me just how much you love me.”

“Our kiss goodbye before you left for your ride will stay with me forever. Nicky, you are my soulmate and you took my heart when you left. You may keep it but when we meet again take my hand as well and walk me home. I miss you. Until we meet again.”

Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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