SBK, Rea: the Kawasaki was competitive like never before

Johnny: "This win is for Nicky Hayden" Sykes: "initial traffic slowed me down, but if there had been another three laps..."


Not since 2013 had anyone managed to get in Tom Sykes' way at Donington. After nine consecutive wins for him, Johnny Rea has finally put a stop to his team-mate's domination, winning in race 2 after the disappointment of Saturday, and handing Kawasaki its 100th win in Superbike. The Cannibal was unbeatable, out on track with the bit between his teeth.

“After yesterday I was frustrated, I was penalised by the tyre and then as a result also in terms of grid position. It wasn't easy this afternoon, because I was annoyed and finding it hard to understand what happened”.

But you then got off to a great start?

“I knew it was key to start strong. That first lap was really incredible, in fact a large part of the win comes down to that lap. I have to admit that I was nervous before the start, but I was able to find my focus and keep calm”.

Was there pressure after yesterday's crash?

“I couldn't mess up the first lap, because that would have conditioned the race”.

This time you've got your Kawasaki back.

“We made some changes to the set-up and the bike was very competitive, more so than earlier this season I think. It's an important win for the championship and I dedicate it to Nicky Hayden's family”.     

Tom Sykes dreamed of ending Donington on a high, instead he had to settle for second place behind his team-mate. The start proved decisive for him.

“Donington has always been very generous to me and I'm pleased with this result. You can't always win of course, sooner or later someone was going to beat me. A pity about the first lap, as traffic slowed me down”.

What happened?

“At the start it was complicated, as if I was standing still, I lost too much time. But then I found my rhythm and climbed back up to reach second place”.

You came very close to Rea. Were you thinking to have a go?

“In the last three laps I really asked a lot of the bike, but I was getting closer and closer to the front. If I'd had maybe three more laps.... i'm pleased anyway, in the end it was a good double.”


Translated by Heather Watson

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