SBK, Nicky Hayden accident, shocking video emerges


The dynamics of Nicky Hayden’s terrible accident that occurred last week as he was training with his bicycle on the streets of Misano are beginning to come out with a highly unexpected twist. According to Rimini Today, the Kentucky Kid apparently did not stop at the intersection where the devastating impact took place.

Documenting this chilling theory is a video acquired by the Riccione Municipal Police who are still investigating the dynamics of the incident involving the Honda Superbike rider. As Rimini Today reports, the images of the video are high quality and come from a video surveillance system installed in a residence just a few yards from the intersection of via Ca Raffaelli and via Tavoleto.

According to unconfirmed reports, the images show Nicky riding straight through the intersection without braking. The hypothesis is being examined by the investigators is that Nicky was likely distracted by the music he was listening to on his headphones. The iPod found by local police gives rise to suspicion and lends weight to the evidence.

On the other hand, it still has not been clarified whether or not the driver of the Peugeot involved in the accident was observing the speed limit.

The rider is still hospitalized at "Bufalini" hospital of Cesena.


Translated by Jonathan Blosser

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